Lactic Acid Blemish Spot Treatment by ORGO



Lactic acid is being re-discovered! Adult acne is a common occurrence and most women are not amused by the irony of simultaneously worrying about pimples and wrinkles. The trick with adult acne is to use products which dissolve skin impactions without excessively drying or irritating the skin. Orgo founder, Rianna Loving, found the perfect treatment to be the most versatile of all acids — lactic acid.  With none of the filler chemicals that can be detrimental to skin (and health), Orgo introduces Lactic Acid Blemish Spot Treatment.

Lactic acid is being discovered all over again as new information shows that it is useful as a probiotic in anti-acne treatments. Our lactic acid is a chemical compound derived
from plant based fermented ingredients, Lactic acid is the gentlest of the alpha-hydroxy acids.  It is very versatile and effective in treating a number of skin conditions. Orgo Lactic Acid Blemish Spot Treatment can fight acne, reduce scarring, brighten, and even improve wrinkles. This gentle, yet effective, soft gel treatment is delivered to the skin through a unique airless syringe that not only protects the product from oxidation, but facilitates comfortable, easy and precise application.

The Orgo Lactic Acid Blemish Spot Treatment effectively unclogs pores without any tissue damage or irritation. It works to exfoliate epidermal skin cells leaving the surface of the skin clear, refreshed and renewed.

Organic to Green creator, Rianna Loving says…

I chose to create our blemish spot treatment with Lactic acid because it’s natural and it is the safest acid for all skin types and color tones.  Lactic is also one on the only acids that is safe to use during pregnancy when hormonal breakouts are a major complaint. Most lactic treatments are given as a peel over the entire face or placed in a cleanser and rinsed off but sometimes there are areas that need more targeted treatment — that’s where spot treatments come in. Most brands use Salicylic acid as an acne spot treatment, and while it can work for some people, it should be avoided for skin types prone to producing melanin, or tan skin, since it can replace acne with dark spots and cause excessive drying.


Purified Water, Lactic Acid, Xanthan Gum.

Directions for use: Apply to skin daily, morning and night, or as often as skin can tolerate.

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